Emotional voyeurism

It's funny, I often have people tell me they want to hear my story and what has happened to Joey. However, when you scratch at the surface, very few people want to know WHAT happened and instead want to know how it feels, what ones psychological state is going through what we do. I'm not angry about this, in fact I understand more than they may realize because this is exactly what I'm doing when I search out other's stories who are going through what we are. I don't care what they're doing medically, for the most part, and instead I want to know what they're feeling, are they as sad as me, how are they maintaining their sanity, and why do they keep going. I want to see a piece of myself in them and find some way to relate, and I know deep down that's all the people asking about our story want to know.So, I'm going to use this blog to document every possible emotional facet of what we are going through for others to maybe find a piece of themselves s…
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